Commercial litigation & dispute resolution

Our commercial litigation solicitors are a team of over 25 dispute resolution specialists, representing SMEs through to plcs on litigation, arbitration, mediation and regulatory matters. Our expert project management and a commercial approach enable us to deliver cost-effective solutions whatever the size and complexity of your dispute.

All of our funding options apply to business clients, including no-win, no-fee type arrangements where you only pay our costs if we win (and your opponent should then already have paid the lion’s share). We can offer conditional fees and discounted fees to offer flexibility on funding your claim.  Hand in hand with advice on funding comes advice on minimising the risks by after the event insurance; we have significant experience in obtaining appropriate cover.  Please see our "Guide to funding a litigation claim" for more information

We have a "first-rate" team according to the Legal 500 2015, we can scale up to multi-million pound disputes but also have the flexibility to deal with lower value claims. 

    Our commercial litigation experience

    Commercial & contract disputes

    We advise on 
    • the sale and supply of goods and services
    • breaches of employment contracts
    • franchise agreements
    • consumer contracts and rules
    • breach of warranty claims, and 
    • regulations of bodies, associations and clubs.

    Corporate disputes

    We advise on:
    • partnership contracts
    • disputes among shareholders
    • the winding up of companies
    • M&A litigation where problems arise during or after acquisitions
    • earn out disputes
    • internal board disputes
    • actions against directors for unfair prejudice against minority shareholders.


    We advise on:
    • employee infidelity
    • mortgage fraud
    • all allegations of fraud in a corporate context
    • recovering assets and injunctions to freeze assets
    • claims to recover assets lost through cyber crime

    Insurance disputes

    We advise on all types of insurance disputes including:
    • disputes over coverage
    • maximising recoveries
    • resolving issues where the validity of an entire policy has been called into question
    • bringing claims against brokers who have caused coverage problems 
    • recovering uninsured losses.
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    Credit & asset finance disputes

    We advise on disputes in relation to:
    • hire purchase, contract hire, finance leases and operating leases
    • consumer credit
    • factoring and invoice discounting
    • property repossessions 

    Interest rate hedging products and bank mis-selling claims

    We act for a variety of businesses making interest rate hedging claims who have been sold IRHPs. We also advise in relation to

    • the options at court
    • FOS and Enterprise Finance Guarantee claims and other similar claims, advising particularly on:
    • how best to progress a complaint through the FCA redress scheme most effectively. 
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    Professional negligence for businesses

    Recovering from negligent professionals to put right the damage caused to businesses, whether large companies or smaller enterprises, has been at the heart of our commercial litigation practice for over 20 years.  Further information

    Injunctive relief

    We can offer you fast and expert advice on:

    • Search orders (gaining access to premises for the purposes of searching for and preserving evidence)
    • An order to prevent a former employee using confidential information to their own advantage
    • Freezing orders (on bank accounts and assets to prevent the disposal of assets)
    • Orders to obtain documents held by a third party
    • Orders to preserve or regain property
    We are also able to offer the services of experienced supervising solicitors for search and seize orders’

    Alternative dispute resolution

    Whether you are looking to resolve a business or personal dispute, alternative dispute resolution can be a cost-effective, efficient and less stressful way of achieving the result you need. We help businesses, charities, not-for-profit organisations, individuals and families with all types of mediation, arbitration, adjudication and expert determination. Find out more

    How to fund your dispute

    We offer funding for suitable cases to reduce the strain on businesses of funding a dispute and reduce the risks. Our team is committed to finding the best funding package to suit you and your dispute.

    Conditional fee agreements (no win no fee) mean you only pay for our fees if you win. We also offer discounted fee agreements which means you pay a reduced fee and only become liable for the full sum of fees if you win.

    In both cases it is usual for the other side to pay a high proportion of the costs. We have a good working relationship with many insurers who can provide “after the event” insurance to protect the risk of losing a case. 

    Please call our commercial litigation solicitors for a no obligation consultation regarding your claim. 

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