The Brexit Bean

Posted by Tariva Thomas on February 27 2017 in EU Referendum

As you will have all gathered by now, I can pretty much find any excuse to write an article about coffee and today is no exception. This morning’s brain fuel had to be an Americano because I am embarking on Brexit. I am sure you have heard the cries of “nobody knows what will happen”, “we are heading for a recession”, “there will be no trade deals” and “tariffs will sky rocket” – this is why I opted for an Americano…

Hazards in the workplace – keeping your team safe

Posted by Catherine Puffett on January 24 2017 in Personal injury

Whether you work in a warehouse, in a shop, in a restaurant or behind a desk, every workplace presents its own hazards. Being aware of these hazards is the first step in ensuring you and your team are safe. Please be aware that this list is by no means comprehensive, and it’s a good idea to be on the lookout for other potential hazards which are not listed in this blog.

5 ways in which divorce can affect your social life

Posted by Assmiea Hussain on January 24 2017 in Family & divorce

Marriage can have a serious effect on your social life. No longer considered an individual, but now generally viewed by others as a couple, what you do in your spare time will often be activities that you can share with your partner. After a divorce, the comfortability with which you have probably associated yours and your partners status as a pair is effectively shattered, and you must now get used to acting as a single entity again.