Battle of the forms

Farmers often have terms dictated to them by suppliers and buyers. Sometimes there is scope to negotiate contract terms, sometimes not. However what contractual parties cannot do is unilaterally change terms after the contract has been entered into.

No-fault divorce to be consigned to history – possibly

When the Supreme Court upheld the Court of Appeal decision that Tini Owens could not be granted a divorce because she failed to meet the legal test that her marriage had broken down irretrievably, the judges invited “Parliament to consider replacing a law which denies Mrs Owens a divorce in the present circumstances”.

Domestic Agriculture Policy – A lost opportunity?

There is no doubt that Brexit marks a turning point for UK agriculture. It is also clear that the overriding principles guiding future UK domestic agriculture policy decisions are environmental - but is government missing a much larger opportunity? After all, the clue is in the name of the recent consultation: “Health and Harmony”.
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