Steam top 100 sellers

Posted by Thomas Coe on January 6 2017 in Digital gaming

Towards the end of Steam’s annual winter sale, Valve decided to announce the top 100 selling games of that year, and offer most of them at a discounted price.

New consoles, new headaches

Posted by Thomas Coe on January 6 2017 in Digital gaming

Now that Christmas is over, the dust can finally settle and gamers can determine whether their gamble to get the latest offering from PlayStation, the PS4 Pro, was worth the price tag.

The future is here, the future is VR. Or is it?

Posted by Thomas Coe on January 3 2017 in Digital gaming

Over the last few years a new contender has entered the ever competitive ring of gaming technology. Rather than being a new console, something to replace what you’re currently using and add to the ever increasingly large and uncomfortably familiar hole in every gamer’s wallet, VR or Virtual Reality sets out to coincide peacefully with your favourite platform.

Is it a console? Is it a handheld? It’s the Nintendo Switch!

Posted by Thomas Coe on December 16 2016 in Digital gaming

Nintendo recently announced their new console that isn’t really a successor to either the one-true-handheld DS/3DS or the not-so-impressive Wii U. The Nintendo Switch is designed to be both a home games console and also a portable that ensures you can game on the go. It’s a risky move for Nintendo – the Wii U was considered a flop (even more so when compared to the household success that the Wii was).

Super Mario Run released

Posted by Thomas Coe on December 15 2016 in Digital gaming

After months of anticipation among the gaming community, Super Mario Run was finally released on the 15th of December for iOS, with a release for Android still unannounced.