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Lifting the S133 restriction becomes a reality

Posted by Andrew Dudley on February 16 2017 in Housing & communities

As many readers will be aware, we have been lobbying for a number of years, alongside the Longhurst Housing Group and the National Housing Federation, for the repeal of the section 133 restrictions in titles of LSVT properties to create what will almost be a “level playing field” between traditional and LSVT Registered Providers in terms of their stock values.

Housing Management Update

Posted by Mary Rouse on February 16 2017 in Housing & communities

Since 1 December 2016 you have had to use a new form of notice seeking possession (Section 8 Notice). The previous prescribed form has been amended to include the new mandatory ground for possession.

Driving efficiency in the housing sector

Posted by Andrew Dudley on February 16 2017 in Housing & communities

A year ago, the problems besetting the housing market were barely out of the headlines, particularly in the run up to the passing of the Housing and Planning Act. But since last summer, when we seem to have entered an Alice in Wonderland world, where nothing appears quite as it seems, housing had until recently taken a backseat in the news bulletins.

Agricultural news round up ...

Posted by Paul Rice on February 16 2017 in Agriculture

Agricultural news round up covering CAP greening rules, continued use of glyphosate, stewardship grants, Better Broadband Scheme, driving without reasonable consideration and the 'Yellow Wellies’ campaign.

If only Ronseal produced licence agreements

Posted by Tom Romecin on February 16 2017 in Agriculture, Commercial development

“It does what it says on the tin”, was, when first unveiled, a welcome departure from the usual overblown product claims. What made the campaign successful was the unambiguous labelling which conveyed a succinct message. If only agreements regulating the occupation of land were equally clear; unfortunately just because an agreement is labelled a licence, does not mean it is.