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Minimum wage and working time for care providers

Posted by Prisca Bradley on September 26 2016 in Employment & HR, Health & social care

In a case described by Unison as the “worst breaches of pay rules” it has ever seen, seventeen care workers employed across the London borough of Haringey have lodged claims against care-provider Sevacare in the Employment Tribunal for failure to pay the minimum wage. Haringey Council (responsible for commissioning the care) is also being sued for its failure to ensure that the workers were being paid properly. This case brings the issue of care workers’ pay into the spotlight and highlights the importance for care-providers to ensure that they comply with UK minimum wage laws.

Advertising your game – playing fairly when it comes to sponsored reviews

Posted by Thomas Coe on September 21 2016 in Digital gaming, Outsourcing & technology

In July this year Warner Brothers were wrapped on the knuckles by the American advertising watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC). The FTC found that Warner Brothers had failed to adequately disclose to YouTube users that it paid influencers on the social media site "hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars" in return for those influencers to create sponsored videos that promote the game only in a positive way.

The Cowshed Cinderella and a Reduced Award

Posted by Katie Alsop on July 25 2016 in Agriculture, Farmers & farming families

More and more proprietary estoppel cases have been featured in the media of late, often concerning farming families. In a nutshell, a successful claimant will be able to demonstrate that a promise was made to him, that reliance was placed on that promise, and as a result, he acted to his detriment. It is essential to understand when dealing with these cases, that the elements are not stand alone requirements which need to be ‘ticked off a list’.