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Overage in Residential Development

In simple, practical terms, overage is a future payment to be made to the seller of land, by the buyer of land. The payment is usually conditional on the occurrence of a specific event, and is usually linked to the enhancement of value of the land, whereby the seller and purchaser each share in the enhanced value.

Adventure is just bad planning*

Two large manufacturers have recently waded into the Brexit debate. Airbus and BMW have Europe wide factories and complex supply chains. Their concerns revolve around logistics planning and how Brexit will impact their production and sales costs. We have also seen from the recent CO2 production interruptions how supply issues can quickly escalate.

HS2: Need to Sell Scheme – everything you need to know

The Need to Sell Scheme (NTS) is a discretionary scheme available to any property owner-occupier who has a compelling reason to sell their property but has been unable to do so (other than at a substantially reduced rate) because of the proximity of the HS2 route.

Business Immigration - Tier 2 Cap

Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship: Some good news for Employers at last Announcement: doctors and nurses removed from the cap; hundreds of allocations freed up. “This is about finding a solution to increased demand and to support our essential national services.” – Sajid Javid, Home Secretary, 15 June 2018
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