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What is a boundary dispute?

Wright Hassall’s specialist team of residential property dispute solicitors are experienced in resolving boundary disputes. We work closely with various experts to provide our clients with the best advice in order that they can achieve a quick and cheap resolution to their dispute.

The cost of failing to costs budget

In April 2013, new court rules were introduced that imposed an obligation on all parties to court proceedings who are represented by solicitors and who have cases worth in excess of £25,000 commenced after 1 April 2013 to file and serve a costs budget. The rules have recently been amended to provide that parties must now exchange budgets rather than serve but this is still an obligation and a must rather than a may.

Page and Another v Hewetts Solicitors and Another: Limitation update

We have previously reported on the decisions of the courts to grant summary judgment against Mr Page on the basis that it was out of time and then reinstate it on appeal. The latest decision in this case has again concluded that Mr Page’s claim is out of time. The decision focused on the fact that Mr Page’s solicitors had paid the wrong court fee. Our article explains why the court concluded that the failure to pay the sum of £400 cost Mr Page his claim.

Is the legal effect of an email signature the same as signing a letter, a contract or a guarantee?

In business we all send many emails every day. Amongst the thousands of emails we send and receive every year, some may form contracts, some may be intended to change existing contractual arrangements and some may be guaranteeing obligations of third parties. But, is the legal effect of putting your email signature on your email, the same as signing a letter, a contract or a guarantee? Or not? As with much in the law, the answer is that it depends.

The importance of identifying the correct contracting party

Understanding who you are contracting with may seem simple. However, particularly in the case where you are contracting with a company within a larger group the position may become more complicated. There can be particular concerns where the specific group company concerned has very limited assets itself. It is possible to correct a simple misnomer in respect of the company name but correcting the situation once there is a dispute may not be straightforward.

Construction Conference 2013 address

“The Recession is over – Let’s get on” Noises from Government and the Bank of England suggest that the recession may finally be over. No-one is jubilant yet but many are cautiously hopeful. Perhaps we have achieved Armistice Day – even if victory has yet to be declared. Philip Harris shares his thoughts at this year's construction conference.
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