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What is the Compensation Recovery Unit?

The Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU) is part of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). If you are injured either through accident or disease and make a successful claim for compensation, the CRU must be notified of the details of your claim by the organisation (or person) paying the compensation (the compensator). The CRU records all welfare benefits you receive as a result of your injuries.

Share farming: a practical solution to succession worries

The 2014 Oxford Farming Conference predicted that the next decade would see an increase in share farming as the shape of the industry changed, with “a divergence between those owning land and those farming (operating) it”. The CLA’s 2014 report into share farming endorsed the view that it could, in the right circumstances, be a good solution for many farmers looking to reduce their workload but with no one to help them do so.

Fitting the contract pieces together - the reality of a building site

Sitting in a hot internal glass pod London meeting room recently, in a negotiation meeting between a mechanical subcontractor and a main contractor, it reminded me again of how judgments of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal might seem far removed from the reality of a building site, but actually have a very real and direct impact on the success of a project and the parties’ associated risk profiles.
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