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The minimum income requirement for dependents: harsh, and not quite fair – but lawful

Posted by Matthew Davies on February 22 2017 in

The Supreme Court has finally settled the legality of a key principle: that the state may impose a minimum income requirement (MIR) on British citizens whose non-EEA dependents apply for entry clearance to join them in the UK. On a day when a British suicide bomber recipient of alleged £1m state compensation grinned from the front pages, the Government needed some good news. The judgement did not all go its way, though.

Changes to the Immigration Rules - just announced

Posted by Matthew Davies on November 4 2016

The Government has announced (3 November) changes to the Immigration Rules which will affect applications made on or after 24 November 2016. There will be further changes in April and May 2017. Some of these changes have wider implications for HR practice and procedure.

Business Immigration – what happens now?

Posted by Matthew Davies on September 29 2016 in EU Referendum

Immigration was widely cited as the main reason for voters choosing to leave the EU; now those politicians who argued for tighter controls have to deliver them. For manufacturing and industry, this brings a renewed focus on business immigration.

New immigration bill outlined in the Queen’s Speech

Posted by Matthew Davies on June 4 2015 in Employment & HR

Control of immigration, in particular illegal migrants, was a major policy topic during the recent election. Therefore it comes as little surprise that the government has included plans in the new Parliament’s first Queen’s Speech to introduce an immigration bill with the intention of further restricting the level of non-EEA immigration, including the introduction of a new criminal offence of illegal working. For those employers who rely on skilled migrant workers, the proposed new rules have the potential to make recruitment of key individuals from outside the EEA even more difficult

Introduction of the Immigration Health Surcharge

Posted by Matthew Davies on March 24 2015

The government have announced that an immigration health surcharge will be introduced on 6 April 2015. The health surcharge means that temporary, non-EEA migrants coming to the UK for more than six months will contribute to the NHS.

Recent changes to UK immigration

Posted by Matthew Davies on March 17 2015

As set out in the Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules laid before Parliament on 26 February 2015, UK Visas & Immigration are updating salary rates in the Codes of Practice from 6 April 2015.

Business Immigration news

Posted by Matthew Davies on February 17 2015

We look at some recent changes to UK immigration including the rollout of Biometric Residence Permits and proposed increases to UKVI fees.