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Community Infrastructure Levy: Surcharge upheld where Council did not receive developer’s Commencement Notice

In an example of the strict line being taken on appeal in respect of the administrative requirements placed on developers under the Community Infrastructure Levy Regulations 2010 (“the CIL Regulations”), a planning inspector has decided that the onus is on applicants to ensure that they have not only served a Commencement Notice, but that it has been received by the Council.

Unauthorised changes to a listed building can land you in prison

A recent case in Warwickshire highlights how seriously planning authorities view the altering of listed buildings without the required permission. In this particular case the substitution of modern materials landed an architect in court. After pleading guilty to the criminal offence of carrying out unauthorised works to a listed building, Mr Shepherd wound up with a £4,000 fine and an instruction to pay Stratford upon Avon District Council’s legal fees of £10,000.
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