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The 2019 Loan Charge

For those affected, the Finance (No. 2) Act 2017 contains some of the most significant changes to tax legislation in recent memory (the 2019 Loan Charge). The government has extended the deadline for registering an intention to settle from 31 May 2018 to 30 September 2018. Some of the clients we have advised in relation to the changes are considering entering into insolvency arrangements for their companies and personally; whilst a number are pursuing their negligent advisers for the losses suffered.

Negligence does not always amount to a successful claim

The case of Barker found that advice relating to an Employee Benefit Trust (“EBT”) was negligent, but as the other fundamental aspects of a successful professional negligence claim were not met, the claim was dismissed. It also gave guidance on limitation and how long claimants have to bring cases against professionals involving complex technical issues.

HMRC's new powers - sit up and take notice

In July 2014, the Finance Act 2014 received Royal Assent granting HMRC the power to issue Accelerated Payment Notices and Follower Notices. Both of these notices, in certain circumstances, allow HMRC to enforce payment of disputed tax benefits before the claimed benefit has been fully investigated.

Payment Protection Insurance - What does 2013 bring?

Following the failed judicial review bought by the British Bankers Association against the FSA and FOS, the number of PPI claims understandably soared last year. Numerous Claims Management Companies exploited this niche market (taking up to 30% of a consumer’s award) and flooded the FOS with complaints. As of September 2012 the FOS stated that it was receiving in excess of 1,500 new complaints per day and, with an estimated 16 million policies having been sold since 2005, there is little sign of the complaints ceasing.
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