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Main contractor insolvency – contract quick guide

In light of the recent Carillion demise, this guide provides a starting point on common forms of contract for both employers and subcontractors looking at how insolvency affects the supply chain from both directions. The table below is a quick reference for the processes in the main contract and subcontracts for the scenario where the main building contractor has gone bust.

JCT 2016 construction contracts – what has changed?

It does not seem 5 minutes, let alone 5 years, since we were last examining the ‘new’ JCT approach, in that case arising from new legislation. This time round, the JCT has taken the opportunity to pull in a number of key cases and pieces of relevant legislation to their updated contract suite, for which they have initially (rather cautiously in my view) only released the Minor Works family.

Fitting the contract pieces together - the reality of a building site

Sitting in a hot internal glass pod London meeting room recently, in a negotiation meeting between a mechanical subcontractor and a main contractor, it reminded me again of how judgments of the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal might seem far removed from the reality of a building site, but actually have a very real and direct impact on the success of a project and the parties’ associated risk profiles.
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