Legal case studies

Disputes are no game

Our client’s position was that the deliverables worked on the representative hardware, whereas the development company said that when the software was used on the hardware at their office, there were coding errors.

Wrong chemotherapy drug led to death

Mr G had been treated at two NHS hospitals, neither of which had explained to Mr G or his wife that Bleomycin was a high risk drug with potentially severe side effects, one of which is Bleomycin Lung Toxicity, an uncommon but known respiratory complication of the drug. After the death of Mr G, his widow asked us to represent her in a claim for medical negligence against the hospital which treated her husband.

Negligent beauty treatment

There has been a rise in the number of claims for negligent beauty treatments at the hands of inexperience, unqualified or untrained staff. Clinical negligence solicitor Jeanette Whyman explains how they successfully helped someone injured to claim following negligent care by a beauty therapist.

GP negligence

We advised a client on their claim after they suffered GP negligence. Clinical negligence lawyer Jeanette Whyman explains this clinical negligence case in more detail.
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