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Duties and powers of trustees

The role of a trustee of a trust varies depending on the type of trust, its specific provisions, and the trust assets held. This note explains some of the main duties and powers which apply to most types of trust.

A Guide to the Agricultural Holdings Act

Tenancies created under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 (‘AHA’) allow agricultural holdings to be let by the land owner to a tenant. Agricultural holdings can include land and buildings used for horticulture, livestock, grazing and various other uses, but the use must be commercial in nature (so grazing land for privately owned horses will not constitute an agricultural holding, whereas grazing land let to a riding school will). Rent reviews under AHA tenancies are dealt with by the Act.

Business Guide to GDPR

Getting Data Protection Right. The GDPR is designed to bring a sea change to current attitudes to data protection. It is bringing more power to the people; it is imposing controls on businesses and ensuring that people have the freedom to take control over the personal data that is held about them.

A guide to acupuncture for injuries

While acupuncture forms part of traditional Chinese medicine, it is now being supported by a growing body of up to date scientific research and clinical evidence, allowing health professionals such as Physiotherapists to provide evidence-based acupuncture as part of their treatment.

Go to Guide to eCommerce

When thinking of starting a new business venture or growing a current retail operation, many people look to the internet as the most effective and cost efficient route to market. In many instances, it allows for the flexibility of being self-employed and working from home to minimise start-up or expansion costs and address issues such as work-life balance.

Guide to Injunctions

An injunction is a Court Order prohibiting a person from doing something or requiring a person to do something. As a first stage, an interim (or temporary) injunction will be obtained which will last until a further Court Order is made or the trial is heard in full.
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