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Guide to green energy

There is a myriad of legislation relating to green energy designed to mitigate climate change, much of which imposes mandatory requirements and obligations on the UK. The legislation has evolved greatly since the adoption of the Kyoto Protocol back in December 1997, and the targets for reductions in greenhouse gases and energy consumption set then are now closing in rapidly.

Guide to property protection trust wills

A property protection trust will is a will designed to help protect your property from an assessment to long term care fees. The half share of the family home belonging to the first person to die, passes into the trust. This type of trust is also known as a life interest trust in favour of the survivor which means that they can benefit from the share of the house in the trust during his/her lifetime and on their death the trust fund passes to others, usually children of the family.

Guide to mortgages

There are so many different types of mortgages and products that it can be confusing for buyers to know who to turn to. Historically, the first port of call in arranging a mortgage would be to approach your usual building society with whom you have had savings over the years. However, in the present economy, there is a greater choice of mortgage providers and mortgage products. This guide will explain the different types of mortgage available to you.

Guide to wills

Did you know that if you die without having made will then everything you own could end up going to the state rather than the people you intended to benefit? For example, if you die leaving family members who are financially dependent upon you (such as a spouse or children), it is the law that stipulates who will inherit your estate. This guide covers everything you need to know about a last will and testament.

Guide to Agricultural Holdings Act Tenancies

Tenancies created under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986 allow agricultural holdings to be let by the land owner to a tenant. Agricultural holdings can include land and buildings used for horticulture, livestock, grazing and various other uses, but the use must be commercial in nature (so grazing land for privately owned horses will not constitute an agricultural holding, whereas grazing land let to a riding school will). Rent reviews under AHA tenancies are dealt with by the Act.

Guide to administering an estate

This guide will tell you everything you need to know about administering an estate. What is a grant of representation? This is the court order authorising the personal representatives to deal with the administration of the estate. Where the deceased left a will the grant of representation is known as a grant of probate and where the deceased died intestate (did not leave a will) the grant of representation is known as a grant of letters of administration.

Guide to Farm Business Tenancies

Tenancies created under the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 allow land to be let as a Farm Business Tenancy if all or part of the land is farmed for a business or trade that is wholly or primarily agricultural. This could include farm shops, food processing, and the provisions of recreational facilities. Rent reviews under FBTs are dealt with by the Act.

Guide to Environmental Stewardship Agreements

Environmental Stewardship Agreements are agri-environmental schemes providing funding for environmental land management. There are four elements: entry level, organic entry level, uplands entry level and higher level. Over 60% (6.5 million hectares) of England’s agricultural land is now within Entry Level Stewardship. This guide will look at why we have the scheme and how and when to enter into agreements.

Guide to the Single Payment Scheme

The Single Payment Scheme (SPS) was introduced so that a farmer could claim financial support for carrying out agricultural activity (making a single claim, rather than using the previous support schemes which had different incentives depending on what was being produced). Farmers were allocated entitlements based on their previous claims under previous schemes and the area of land they farm. Entitlements can be bought or sold by farmers, so any new farmer will have to buy entitlements if they wish to make a claim (though entitlements are frequently included in a sale of land).
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