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Coronavirus and insurance

Many businesses will have insurance to pay losses when their business is interrupted by an unforeseen event. This extends in some cases to illness and we set out below some areas for businesses to consider as they grapple with the current unprecedented challenge of coronavirus.

Coronavirus: What does coronavirus mean for commercial contracts?

Now that the World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) a global health emergency, we consider the impact on businesses that may be affected, and what companies should be looking at in order to protect their operations.

Coronavirus: Impact on child arrangements

It is currently difficult to address issues caused by the Coronavire (COVID-19) crisis without worrying that it will have become overtaken by events by the time anyone gets to read it. At the time of writing (25th March) the UK is one day into stricter self-isolating measures in an effort to slow down the spread of the virus.

Coronavirus: the economic implications for businesses

The outbreak of the Coronavirus has caused a serious and evolving health crisis which will continue to present significant challenges to our everyday lives.

Coronavirus: briefing guide for employers

If you are unsure how to handle your employment law matters in light of coronavirus, our employment law team have produced an essential "Briefing guide to coronavirus for employers and absence options" which will give you the insight you need to see you through a variety of issues, and our employment law team are always on hand to discuss further if you need.

Data protection in light of coronavirus

A statement recently published by the ICO confirms its understanding that the processing of personal data may be affected by the needs of an organisation when addressing the impact, and attempting to limit the spread, of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

Coronavirus: questions for businesses

The impact of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) on business has been unprecedented. At Wright Hassall we have put together a dedicated team to look at all the issues businesses are facing. These are wide ranging and complex, particularly as the situation changes from day-to-day.

The effect of coronavirus on UK landlords

The World Health Organisation has recognised Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a public health emergency of international concern which has caused the UK real estate market to take a hit.

Coronavirus: the impact on recovering debts

As the negative impact on the global economy from the coronavirus pandemic is revealed as far more damaging than initially anticipated by commentators at the beginning of the outbreak in China, businesses face important questions about how they can recover debts in these exceptional times.

Coronavirus: financial support for business

The Chancellor has announced a raft of measures to support business large and small through the coronavirus outbreak. Undoubtedly the government will monitor the impact of its support package closely and we anticipate that more changes will filter through as it starts to take effect.

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