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Coronavirus: essential business guide

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Covid-19: a tour de force of force majeure?

In the following article, UK supply chain and logistics consultant, Paul Trudgian, and logistics law firm, Wright Hassall LLP, consider the impact of Covid-19 on the logistics industry.

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Force Majeure – what do you need to do to get the benefit of it?

In light of the ongoing impact of COVID-19, we have already provided a series of articles and other material on what is meant by force majeure and frustration but if a business does decide it needs to invoke force majeure (assuming your contract includes provisions allowing you to do so – and please see our previous commentary about this), how should it go about it?

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Coronavirus: What does coronavirus mean for commercial contracts?

Pete Maguire, Commercial Contracts Lawyer with Wright Hassall discusses the knock-on effect of the coronavirus and what it means for commercial contracts?

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Data protection in light of coronavirus

A statement recently published by the ICO confirms its understanding that the processing of personal data may be affected by the needs of an organisation when addressing the impact, and attempting to limit the spread, of the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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COVID-19: Mapping the Supply Chain

Given the effect that COVID-19 is having on all aspects of life, it comes as no surprise that supply chains are being disrupted, both in the UK and globally. In this article, we consider the risks posed to supply chains and the issues which businesses should consider.

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Coronavirus under the contractual microscope – some potential cures for contract problems

It is not easy to be legally excused from performing contractual obligations, but in some circumstances it may be possible.

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Coronavirus: data security and home working

Claire Halle-Smith from Wright Hassall discusses data security and home working during the coronavirus pandemic.

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What does coronavirus mean for commercial contracts?

Now that the World Health Organisation has declared the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) a global health emergency, we consider the impact on businesses that may be affected and what companies should be looking at in order to protect their operations.

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Coronavirus and tech supply chains: dealing with strains and broken links in the chain

Each tech company will have their own way of managing disputes, and each individual supply contract will be probably be on differing terms all the way up and down the chain. Despite this, there are a number of overarching practical and legal considerations that you should bear in mind when making risk-based decisions.

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Coronavirus: Preserving your business and protecting the nation

Restaurants are closed for everything except take away services. Supermarkets are struggling to supply staples, but the nation still needs feeding. Most workers will be eating at home rather than in and around the workplace for some time to come. The recipe for feeding the nation has changed with immediate effect, by government order.

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