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Wright Hassall has a strong association with the digital gaming and interactive entertainment industry, a sector which contributes over £2.5bn to the UK economy. In 2014 the digital sales of games are bigger than the combined digital sales of video and music and the global digital games market is expected to grow to nearly $103bn by 2017.

Warwickshire has a strong and thriving digital gaming sector which currently employs around 13% of the UK's gaming employees and is the third largest gaming hub in the UK after London and Dundee.

Wright Hassall advises clients across all areas of the games industry including:

  • developers, from micro start-ups to games studios
  • publishers
  • financiers and investors

Wright Hassall is able to advise on the legal and commercial issues affecting the gaming industry including:

  • intellectual property protection and enforcement, in particular what can and cannot be protected and what to do if someone threatens your IP
  • employee share incentives often through Enterprise Management Incentives, which can help games companies to incentivise and lock-in talent in a way that recognises their cash flow limitations
  • publishing, licensing and distribution agreements
  • games finance including private equity funding
  • data protection and privacy policies
  • advertising and e-commerce regulations
  • dispute resolution
  • employment law

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