We regularly work with professional advisers across England and Wales, helping them to provide their clients with expert legal services. We work closely with financial advisers, accountants, banks, surveyors, agents, tax specialists, amongst many others, to provide clients with a holistic, joined up service. Our approach is collaborative with the end client's best interests at the heart of what we do.

Relationships that are built on trust

We appreciate that intermediaries refer work to us because they trust in our expertise and experience: they know that we 'know our stuff'. It's also important that our intermediaries like the way we do business, how we communicate with each other and the approach that we take. This level of collaboration is most effective when we understand how each business ticks. With this in mind, we regularly meet with our intermediary network to ensure that they understand how we can help but also - and probably most importantly - they like the people that they are recommending their clients to. Key intermediary events have included the legendary Wright Hassall Beer Festival, our annual Charity Quiz and specialist events with partner firms including the 2017 Economic Breakfast and Construction Conference.

Working with financial advisers

We regularly work with financial advisers in relation to their client's legal affairs. A financial adviser is often aware of much more than their client's financial affairs and, as their trusted business adviser, is often the person that they go for a recommendation of how to deal with other matters. For example, a client may discuss with their financial adviser the arrangements that they need to make for the care of an elderly relative or how to protect their business interests for future generations. 

Through our professional negligence team, we also work with financial advisers that find themselves in complex and challenging disputes such as restraint of trade, as here.

Working with accountants

Due to regulatory requirements, accountants meet with their clients far more regularly than lawyers often do, purely because of the need to complete annual accounts. As with financial advisers, accountants often are apprised of what a client is looking to do with their business which could require legal input. This could be in relation to the acquisition or disposal of an asset (a business, property or piece of land) or a commercial dispute which needs to be resolved or any operational legal matter. 

Working with tax consultants

We work closely with specialist tax consultants who deal with corporate and property related tax matters for their clients. 

Working with bankers

We have strong relationships with the retail bankers (large and small) as well as private banks, challenger banks and other funders such as peer to peer lenders. We act for the banks on transactions, for example secured lending, so understand how they operate. This is particularly useful when we are recommended by a bank to act for their client on a particular transaction as we understand the way that the bank operates which saves time for the customer.

Working with surveyors and agents

We have strong working relationships with property agents, chartered surveyors, quantity surveyors and architects, having worked together on a number of projects and developments over the years. Our agricultural team work on complex land and estate projects working closely with local agents whilst our property, development, planning and construction specialists regularly work with property specialists on strategic land development and residential/ commercial projects.