Probate & estate administration

As probate lawyers, we help families and executors to sort out all the legal and financial matters when someone close to them dies, completing all the necessary paperwork to distribute the estate of the deceased to the beneficiaries according to their last will and testament.  

We guide you through the process of what is will probate, why probate is required, what is a grant of probate and how do you get probate. At each stage when applying for probate, our expert estate lawyers work with you to make the estate administration as straightforward as possible.  

Our probate lawyers advise on:

  • obtaining the grant of representation from the Probate Registry
  • preparing estate accounts
  • setting up any trusts arising under the will or the intestacy rules
  • dealing with property in probate 
  • post-death tax planning and the preparation of deeds of variation 

We can also help if there are no surviving relatives able to manage the various administrative tasks that have to be dealt with after someone’s death. We can register the death, liaise with the funeral directors, deal with vacant property including its sale or transfer, trace and notify beneficiaries, and sort out any outstanding liabilities. 

Knowledge & insight

Legal Articles

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