Incorrect ultrasound scan

Sometimes ultrasound scans can be inconclusive and a number need to be completed to be confident of the diagnosis. This can be a quite worrying time, particularly if you face very different outcomes depending on the results. For example, if you were told initially that you had fibroids, which may require surgery, but on a second scan, it was confirmed that you had adenomyosis, a manageable condition which doesn’t require surgery, would this be a misdiagnosis and could you make a medical negligence claim?

Protect your brand

Maximising farm income from both the core business of farming and any ancillary business venture(s) is an ongoing preoccupation for most of our clients. One way in which a farm business could increase the revenue stream from, say, a well-established food product with an excellent reputation for quality, could be to link up with another business with similar values and which has access to a larger market.

Can you make a complaint against your GP?

If you have received poor treatment and you want an apology or to talk to someone in the GP's practice about a particular GP you can proceed through the NHS complaints procedure by contacting the practice itself. Or, if you think the GP’s conduct was serious enough to be a risk to patients or that he is unfit to practice, then you should contact the General Medical Council.

Are smear tests reliable?

There are national guidelines for cervical screening intervals which is decided by age. Research has shown most cancers can be diagnosed by screening women at 3 yearly intervals if they are between 25 to 49 years old and 5 yearly intervals if they are between 50 and 64 years old.
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