Augmented reality in healthcare

It’s 2014, and a group of enthusiastic medical students crowd into a conference room to witness a first; live streamed surgery. The surgeon goes about his business in his usual calm and professional manner, except he’s wearing a pair of technologically imbued glasses and talking to the students through a microphone.

Toyota’s £240m investment into Burnaston factory

Despite concerns from major vehicle manufacturers about the implications Brexit will have on the future of the automotive industry in the UK, a £240m investment from Toyota for a factory in Burnaston, Derbyshire, shows that manufacturing in the Midlands is still going strong.

What’s the public’s perception of autonomous vehicles?

There’s no denying the autonomous future for the car industry. With the added screen time while your car drives itself, businesses view self-driving cars as a marketing opportunity. Partnerships to bring these advertising opportunities to light are being formed between software companies and car manufacturers. But while the people delivering the future to your doorstep are happy, how are the consumers feeling?

The Brexit Bean

As you will have all gathered by now, I can pretty much find any excuse to write an article about coffee and today is no exception. This morning’s brain fuel had to be an Americano because I am embarking on Brexit. I am sure you have heard the cries of “nobody knows what will happen”, “we are heading for a recession”, “there will be no trade deals” and “tariffs will sky rocket” – this is why I opted for an Americano…
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