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Christmas Construction Reassurance

It is the season of goodwill to all men, so before we all disappear into boxes of chocolates and seas of wrapping paper, here is some good news for directors of companies big and small which may help you to digest your turkey if you are nervous about a difficult contract. Sainsbury’s wanted a new car park for a store in South West London in order to expand operations and increase footfall. Mr Pashouras tendered with a clever new idea – a modular car park, built by his company Condek. This would apparently be quicker to build, cheaper, and open for business earlier. Sainsbury’s agreed, signed, and the car park was built.

Modelling the sands of time

In any aspect of modern life, it is difficult to avoid the impact of time. English authors have been writing about it for centuries. With an office location in Shakespeare country, I am reminded of the Bard’s line “better three hours too soon than a minute too late”. Admittedly that quote relates to protecting honour by being in the right place at the right time, but then again, how many final account “duels” do we encounter within the construction sector?

Constructing flood resistant developments

The apocalyptic weather endured by Britain over the last few months has, inevitably, reignited the discussion about building in flood prone areas. A similar debate triggered after the 2007 floods resulted in the independent Pitt Review which concluded that much of the problem was due, among other things, to poor water management infrastructure and excessive surface water run-off. One answer may be greater take up of SuDs

Applying for an extension of time

Applications for an extension of time should be made as soon as practicable, setting out the relevant event and explaining the grounds and period of extension required. Generally, under the main JCT contracts, an application is not a pre-requisite to getting an extension. The architect or employer’s agent has review periods for considering extension applications.

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