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What are the legal implications of ignoring hospital policies and procedures?

Hospital policies and procedures are designed to help prevent patients being harmed during the course of their treatment. The same principles apply as they do in business: by implementing a process-driven approach to ensuring that every component of the product is manufactured to the highest possible specification, customer satisfaction and safety can be secured.

What legal structure should our charity adopt?

There are a number of legal structures a charity can adopt and the one you opt for depends largely on what it is set up to do. However, you need to bear in mind that only certain legal structures can apply for charitable status (for instance a partnership is not eligible) and can be either unincorporated or incorporated.

An Enforceable Contract: The Key Elements

Contracts, and the laws that govern them, are fundamental to the operation of businesses and are required whenever a business purchases or sells its goods and/or services. As such, businesses and their personnel should be aware of and understand the formation of contracts and their key elements.

Cancellation of an enduring power of attorney

An Enduring Power of Attorney allows someone known as a donor to choose an attorney(s) to take control of their property and affairs. The attorney is authorised to access the donor’s bank accounts, sell the donor’s property or make payments. The attorney, however, does not have the authority to make decisions regarding the donor’s personal welfare matters such as residence, contact, health etc.
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