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Issues to consider when making a Will

Making a Will is your chance to control what happens to your assets once you have passed away, so it makes sense to give your Will some careful thought. Your solicitor can guide you through all the issues you need to consider when making a Will, but the following questions might be a helpful starting point:

The HS2 (London – West Midlands) Act 2017

For the thousands of landowners, businesses and individuals up and down the country who are adversely affected by HS2, and for those who are generally opposed to the project, Royal Assent of the HS2 hybrid bill will be a bitter blow. The battle to stop it is lost. However, there may be a sense of relief that, finally, we have certainty.

The minimum income requirement for dependents: harsh, and not quite fair – but lawful

The Supreme Court has finally settled the legality of a key principle: that the state may impose a minimum income requirement (MIR) on British citizens whose non-EEA dependents apply for entry clearance to join them in the UK. On a day when a British suicide bomber recipient of alleged £1m state compensation grinned from the front pages, the Government needed some good news. The judgement did not all go its way, though.

Inheritance Tax (“IHT”) Exemptions

Gifts to the following recipients are completely exempt from IHT, irrespective of whether such gifts are made during a person’s lifetime or on their death: spouses or civil partners;UK charities;certain specified bodies for national purposes; and UK political parties (subject to certain conditions being met

Lifting the S133 restriction becomes a reality

As many readers will be aware, we have been lobbying for a number of years, alongside the Longhurst Housing Group and the National Housing Federation, for the repeal of the section 133 restrictions in titles of LSVT properties to create what will almost be a “level playing field” between traditional and LSVT Registered Providers in terms of their stock values.
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