Advanced manufacturing techniques are being supported and encouraged  by the Government to solve the Country’s housing crisis.

Your Housing Group has announced a historic joint venture deal with Welink Group, which will see 1,000’s of homes built across the UK through an initial investment whilst accessing China National Building Material Company’s (CNBM) Technology, financial support and leverage for additional Investment in the UK.

The joint venture is extremely timely as the UK Government is actively encouraging new innovative entrants to the housing market to help deliver its housing objective of 1 million homes by 2020. The joint venture will also be a platform to engage with other Local Authorities and Housing Associations as partners to help solve their housing market needs.

As part of the deal, the JV will also build up to six factories at strategic locations across the UK, which will produce up to 25,000 homes per year, making it the UK’s leading modular housing developer.

The state-of-the-art modular or manufactured homes are produced using technology similar to a car manufacturing plant, enabling the parties to drive down construction costs in the process; the site is prepared by installing the infrastructure and laying the foundations; the homes are built in a factory and  then assembled on site in record quick time. Not only increasing the supply but also decreasing the time it takes to build a new home and get it to the people who need it most. Long term asset sustainability and energy efficiency to tackle fuel poverty are also tangible outcomes of this approach.

The intention is that thousands of homes can be built in a timely and consistent manner and that the model should provide cost savings across the supply chain.

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Andrew Dudley Partner

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