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The General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (“GDPR”): What does this this mean for data processors?

Whilst there are a plethora of articles and briefings on the GDPR the focus has been on the changes to current data protection legislation (“DP Legislation”) which will increase a data subject’s rights to access and control its personal data and the impact this will have on a data controller.

Advertising your game – playing fairly when it comes to sponsored reviews

In July this year Warner Brothers were wrapped on the knuckles by the American advertising watchdog, the Federal Trade Commission (the FTC). The FTC found that Warner Brothers had failed to adequately disclose to YouTube users that it paid influencers on the social media site "hundreds to tens of thousands of dollars" in return for those influencers to create sponsored videos that promote the game only in a positive way.

Intellectual property in web development

The crown jewel, however, in any website development is the source code to the software that underlies the website. Copyright will arise in the source code. With ownership of the copyright come unfettered rights of use, adaptation, amendment, development, copying and so on. However, does a customer always need to own the copyright? In some cases, this will be a must; in other cases, a licence granting specific rights might also just do the job. We look at when a licence might be sufficient later in this article.
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