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Understanding dementia in the workplace

Dementia is not only a disease suffered by those in old age, it is increasingly being diagnosed in people under 65 which poses a significant challenge for employers. With the abolition of the statutory retirement age, greater longevity and insufficient pension provision, many people are choosing to work longer – and many employers are keen not to lose their experience and skills.

Court of Protection application for a will: JC v D and others

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 requires a statutory will to be made which is in the vulnerable person’s ‘best interests’. The case of JC v D and others concerns a Court of Protection application for a statutory will authorising the execution of a will to replace the existing will of JC, a 90 year old man with an estate of £3,500,000. JC lacks testamentary capacity due to his mixed dementia and declining health.

Dissolution of civil partnerships

The last twelve months has seen the courts getting to grips with defining the principles governing the dissolution of civil partnerships. A landmark case in March 2012 has helped to clarify what couples seeking to dissolve their civil partnership can expect when it comes to asset division between partners of unequal financial standing.
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