The Wright Marshall collapse – what does it mean for you?

It was announced on 26 June 2019 that Wright Marshall, the Cheshire-based estate agent and auction house, has fallen into Administration. This will be a distressing time for all the employees of the company, and there are wider implications for anyone who has had any dealing with the business, particularly if they are owed money. This is an unfortunate circumstance for anyone to find themselves in whenever a company goes in to Administration.

Making money while the sun shines: practical advice to make the most of renewable projects

With the ending of subsidy regimes for solar generation, there has been renewed interest in subsidy-free, large scale solar sites. Because of their size, these sites often straddle boundaries between several different landowners. Depending on the structure of a scheme, this can lead to potentially complicated lease arrangements for the panels, substations, export cables and access requirements.

The case for terminating an AHA tenancy

One of the reasons the Agricultural Tenancies Act 1995 was introduced was because of the difficulties of terminating tenancies under the Agricultural Holdings Act 1986. Nonetheless, many AHA tenancies continue to exist because they are, by their nature, difficult to terminate. The grounds for terminating are complicated and the burden rests on the landlord to ensure compliance with the 1986 Act.

Adventure is just bad planning*

Two large manufacturers have recently waded into the Brexit debate. Airbus and BMW have Europe wide factories and complex supply chains. Their concerns revolve around logistics planning and how Brexit will impact their production and sales costs. We have also seen from the recent CO2 production interruptions how supply issues can quickly escalate.
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