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2018 business trends … data is a key theme

As another year is upon us, we look at the areas most likely to impact businesses in 2018. There are many aspects to consider, many buzzwords and new technologies but the overwhelming theme is data, the gathering of data, and the protection of any data you hold and process, and of course the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

GDPR: What should Data Controllers be considering when using Data Processors?

Data Controllers can no longer rely on contractual clauses alone to show that they are protecting personal data when outsourcing to Data Processors. The GDPR will require organisations to be far more ‘hands-on’ and to assess the compliance by way of audits and supplement that with additional data related policies and procedures.

Must know legislation for retailers

The empty shops in some towns will attest that the enthusiasm for online shopping continues unabated. It’s not just consumers who like the convenience; traders can reach a much larger audience, reduce rent, rates and staff costs, and run an ‘open all hours’ operation.

The EU-US Privacy Shield: What does it mean for businesses in the UK?

On 29 February 2016 the European Commission published details of the new EU-US Privacy Shield (the “Privacy Shield”) which provides a revised mechanism to legitimately transfer EU citizens’ personal data to the US. Although the Privacy Shield has not yet been formally adopted, businesses that transfer data to the US should be prepared for its arrival and continue to evaluate their international data transfers.
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