If you have been injured by the treatment you received from a medical professional you may want to make a claim for compensation to help you piece your life back together. Our medical negligence solicitors will be able to help you secure the compensation you are entitled to.

Medical negligence cases can be complex, depending on the severity if your injuries and the evidence needed. It is, therefore, important to use a specialist medical negligence lawyer so they can guide you through the legal process and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve.

Local expertise

Our expert team are based in the very heart of the country, making us accessible to anyone in London. We are the largest law firm in Warwickshire, with a history spanning over 170 years. Our medical solicitors are ideally placed to offer the residents of London the very best medical negligence advice and support. 

We have a strong track record in securing compensation for families in London. We have successfully dealt with cases from private healthcare providers, GPs, and dentists. We also take on NHS cases from Royal Free Hospital, Prince of Wales Hospital, King George Hospital, Queen's Hospital, Royal London Hospital, King's College Hospital, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Princess Royal University Hospital and Royal Marsden Hospital.

Our experts

Our team are specialists in medical negligence claims, with over 27 years’ experience, they have an unrivalled track record, and many reported medical negligence cases.

Our Head of Medical Negligence, Jeanette Whyman is a medical negligence solicitor with over 27 years’ experience. Jeanette has acted both for and against hospital trusts giving her a unique insight into hospital practices and procedures. She now represents patients who are victims of medical negligence. Jeanette is an accredited member of the Law Society’s Clinical Negligence Panel. She has also been recommended for her medical negligence expertise in both Chambers UK and Legal 500 which both offer potential clients an insight into the legal profession.

Jeanette Whyman is an experienced practitioner with a caseload that includes neurological and obstetric claims. Sources highlight her as "very compassionate" and also note her “clear-headed attitude to cases.”

Chambers UK 2017

All medical professional have a duty of care to their patients. You can make a medical claim against any medical professional who treated you, such as hospitals, doctors, GPs, midwives and dentists regardless of whether you have been treated privately or through the NHS.

The steps to your compensation:

Find out if you have a case

It costs nothing to contact us to see if you have a case.

Please call our specialist team. We guarantee you will speak directly to a legal professional for your free consultation, not a call handler. This is a no-obligation assessment of your case.

No win no fee

The majority of the cases we work on are on a no win no fee basis. This means there is no financial risk to you. We will discuss all your funding options with you before we agree to take on your case.

Case accepted

We will make an initial assessment of your case. We will be able to tell you if you are entitled to make a claim. At this stage, if you have a case, we will offer to take on the case on your behalf. By using medical negligence specialists,  you are best placed to ensure your case is handled correctly and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Medical records

To look at your case in more detail, we will need your medical records. This is to allow us to assess in more detail the merits of your claim. It also makes it possible to see what evidence we will need to gather to prove your case. Our legal team request all of your records for you and pay any charges.

Expert witnesses and evidence

Based on your medical records, we will know if we need to use an expert witness or witnesses to obtain independent evidence from other medical professionals, this is to strengthen and support your case by providing details of the impact on your life and the treatment you received.


Our legal are highly experienced. They will follow the claims process and send a letter of claim to the medical professional. At this point, they will negotiate to get the best outcome for your case. If a settlement cannot be reached, your claim may go to trial. In this case, all the evidence will be heard by a Judge, who will give a verdict and the compensation award.


Our team will ensure they pursue your claim to get you the justice and compensation you are entitled to. 

Our recent cases include:

Mr G was suffering from cancer. As part of the treatment, he had an orchidectomy (an operation to remove his testicle). Unfortunately, a subsequent biopsy revealed that the cancer had spread (metastic teratoma) for which the recommended treatment was chemotherapy using the drug Bleomycin. Sadly, within eight months of starting the treatment, Mr G died of Bleomycin Lung Toxicity.

It was clear throughout the case that the expert witnesses did not support the hospital’s claim that Mr G was given all the information he needed regarding the risks of Bleomycin.

Finally, a week before trial, the hospital finally made an offer which our client accepted.

Our medical negligence solicitors cover the whole of the UK including London, Manchester, Bristol and Leeds but we are most easily accessible for those in Warwickshire and the West Midlands, including Coventry, Leamington, Nuneaton, Birmingham and Leicester

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