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Our professional negligence solicitors have experience of successfully pursuing claims against solicitors for negligence in all areas of law, including:

  • Personal injury solicitors negligence
  • Medical negligence solicitors negligence
  • Property solicitors negligence
  • Family and divorce solicitors negligence
  • Conveyancing solicitors negligence
  • Commercial litigation solicitors negligence
  • Employment solicitors negligence
  • Solicitors negligence in clinical negligence and medical negligence
  • Will and probate solicitors negligence

If you think you have a claim and wish to sue a solicitor then it is important you receive expert guidance for your claim. Claims against solicitors for negligence are on the increase because of poor legal advice and administrative errors.

Commentators describe the team as "impressive" and say it "features very highly" in the dispute resolution market. Clients highlight the team's "fine-tuned" negotiation strategies as a particular strength.

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We regularly see common issues where solicitors advise on areas where they have no expertise, particularly with personal injury and medical negligence cases. We have seen instances where a solicitor has:

  • under settled on both personal injury and medical negligence claims.
  • missed the limitation date for contesting a will, personal injury, medical and professional negligence claims.
  • Caused a claim to be struck out by the courts.
  • Made errors in drafting a will or has failed to administer an estate in accordance with the wishes of the deceased

As with any area of law it is important that you deal with a solicitor who has both viable expertise and is able to demonstrate experience within their field. Professional negligence is no different.  

What is solicitor negligence?

In basic terms solicitor negligence is where a solicitor fails to perform to the professional standards required of them. This results in their client suffering either damage or loss. This could be for example undersettling on a personal injury claim where their client was entitled to more compensation. A solicitor like many professional people has a duty of care to their clients, this means they have to perform their role with reasonable care and to a reasonable standard.

Time limits for solicitor negligence claims?

There are time limits for any professional negligence claim, this is known as the limitation period. It is important for the success of your claim that you are in time to make a claim against a solicitor. There are different time limits depending on the type of claim, however, on the whole there is a six year time limit to bring a claim against a solicitor. However, if the negligence doesn’t come to light until a later date you may still be able to make a claim, this is known as the date of knowledge, in some circumstances you have six years from the date you became aware the negligence caused you a loss.

How do you know if you have solicitor negligence claim?

If the advice you were given by a solicitor has caused you a loss or if a solicitor did not carry out your instructions, you may have a claim. It is important for any solicitor negligence claims to prove that there has been a loss and that the solicitor breached their duty of care to you when carrying out your instructions.

How much is my solicitor negligence claim worth?

The value of your claim against a solicitor is like all professional negligence claims; it varies greatly depending on many factors including your personal circumstances, the value of your loss, the negligence on the part of the solicitor. For example we secured a further £90,000 in compensation for a recent client whose personal injury claim was not handled correctly by his solicitor.

Our team will work with you to determine your individual claim and the losses you have suffered. They can also advise you on the potential value of your claim if you choose to move forward and sue your solicitor.

How much will it cost me to claim solicitor negligence?

Every claim is different, once we have done our assessment of your claim we will be able to advise you on the costs to move forward and the options for funding your claim. In many cases we are able to work on cases of solicitor negligence on using a conditional fee agreement, more commonly referred to as a no win, no fee basis. In some instances your legal expenses for this type of claim are covered by insurances policies you already have, some insurance policies refer to Family Legal Protection.

We will discuss all your funding options with you after our assessment of your claim.  

Our professional negligence team

Our team are experts in solicitor negligence claims; they have over 30 years’ experience dealing with negligence claims against solicitors, accountants, financial advisers and surveyors.

Susan Hopcraft is our head of Professional Negligence; she is well respected in her field and often comments and offers advice for business magazines and publications on an array of commercial disputes and negligence claims. 

Gemma Carson deals with claims against solicitors with a particular focus on negligence in personal injury and medical negligence cases where clients didn’t receive the compensation they were entitled to because of lack of research into medical history, undersettling on claims, administrative errors and poorly researched information. Gemma recently secured compensation of £90,000 for a client whose solicitor undersettled on a personal injury claim.