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Disputes are no game

We were instructed by a gaming software developer who was in dispute with a development company in relation to deliverables on representative hardware.

Will disputes

If you think you have grounds to contest a will then it is important to act fast, preferably before a grant of probate is obtained.

Alternative ways of resolving disputes

Although legal proceedings are still the default method of resolving contract disputes, they are one of many ways of doing so. This article looks at the various ways of resolving disputes and the considerations for deciding which is most appropriate.

Expert witnesses in construction disputes

The technical nature of many construction disputes means it is common to find experts involved on both sides.

Resolving disputes in good faith

A surprising recent court judgement gives us the opportunity to look at several interconnected topics which will have an effect on how you run your construction projects.

Trespass and boundary disputes

Trespass is a “Tort”, an area of law that relates to actions against persons (such as assault), against goods (that relate to possession) and actions against land for which “Trespass” is more commonly known.

Will disputes and the law of the land

Many UK residents dream of retiring or moving abroad to a warmer climate in the hope of a better life for themselves and their family.

Inheritance disputes: left out of a will?

If you believe that you have unreasonably been left out of a will, you may be able to apply for reasonable financial provision from the deceased estate pursuant to the Inheritance (Provision for Family Independence) Act 1975 (“Inheritance Act”).

Inheritance disputes and unlawful killing

It is not very often that a forfeiture case is reported, and yet there were two in as many months this spring. The well-established forfeiture rule is a matter of clear public policy and provides that if a person unlawfully kills another they are not able to inherit from their estate.

Will disputes; retrospective capacity assessments

Jean Clitheroe had three children, Debra, Susan and John. On 19 December 2009, Debra sadly died of cancer. Jean was, understandably, deeply affected by Debra's illness and death and as Jean put it, "took to her bed" from the day of Debra's death in late 2009. Jean remained bedridden until her death on 11 September 2017.