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Will disputes

If you think you have grounds to contest a will then it is important to act fast, preferably before a grant of probate is obtained.

Directors’ disputes

Disputes among directors are sadly extremely common. Individuals are often accustomed to being in control of a business and disputes can arise; whether due to future strategy; the conduct of another director or for a number of other reasons.

Corporate disputes

Our corporate disputes team are expert problem solvers and have worked with both public and private companies, owner-managed businesses, minority shareholders, high net worth investors and entrepreneurs.

Partnership disputes

Our solutions meet our client’s objectives and needs. Dispute avoidance and early resolution of disputes is a large part of our practice.

Shareholder disputes

Disputes between shareholders of a private company are commonplace, which is probably not that surprising when you consider that shareholders’ interests will diverge over time.

Property disputes

We advise commercial landlords, developers, landowners, property investors , property management companies and property occupiers on how to resolve commercial property disputes quickly and efficiently.

Technology disputes

We have a thorough understanding of the technologies and industry trends, which we apply to successfully resolve disputes.

Agency disputes

Many business relationships involve one party (known as the principal) giving authority to another party (the agent) to act on their behalf.

Tax Disputes

Our niche team of tax litigation solicitors specialise in high value and complex tax and financial products litigation.

Residential property disputes

Disputes relating to residential property are regularly stressful. We appreciate that those involved will want to resolve or avoid the dispute as quickly as possible.

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