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Corporate disputes

Our corporate disputes team are expert problem solvers and have worked with both public and private companies, owner-managed businesses, minority shareholders, high net worth investors and entrepreneurs.

Property disputes

We advise commercial landlords, developers, landowners, property investors , property management companies and property occupiers on how to resolve commercial property disputes quickly and efficiently.

Residential property disputes

Disputes relating to residential property are regularly stressful. We appreciate that those involved will want to resolve or avoid the dispute as quickly as possible.

Financial services disputes

Our solutions meet our client’s objectives and needs. Dispute avoidance and early resolution of disputes is a large part of our practice.

Intellectual property disputes

Our intellectual property solicitors advise businesses and individuals on how to protect and seek resolution when there is an IP infringement.

Alternative ways of resolving disputes

Although legal proceedings are still the default method of resolving contract disputes, they are one of many ways of doing so. This article looks at the various ways of resolving disputes and the considerations for deciding which is most appropriate.

Expert witnesses in construction disputes

The technical nature of many construction disputes means it is common to find experts involved on both sides.

Top tips for avoiding contract disputes

A lot of contract disputes can be prevented by proper planning at the outset of an agreement. By following these simple top tips, whether you are an individual or a business, you can seek to avoid subsequent contract disputes.

Neighbour disputes and party wall notices

Neighbour disputes often develop in circumstances in which one party intends to undertake building works to fences, walls or buildings that are in common or are in close proximity with their neighbour’s land.

Boundary disputes: hedge and ditch rule

A recent boundary dispute in the Court of Appeal has provided a useful reminder not only of the Court’s approach in boundary disputes, but also of the relevance of the “hedge and ditch” rule is establishing the position of a boundary.

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