In these uncertain times, you can rely on our specialist Brexit team to provide insight on what Brexit means to you and your business.

As Brexit uncertainty continues the Government must now chart a new course toward our exit from the EU. Our dedicated Brexit team has been considering what options businesses have to manage risk across all aspects of their operations. We would love to share these perspectives with you.

Recent articles

Brexit and immigration – what will really happen?

Business, though, is much less confident that Brexit will “fix” immigration.  It sees the nature of the problem, and the prospect of a solution, very differently, and worries about its ability to secure the migrants at all skill levels whose ready supply has been a given in recent years.

Residential development and Brexit

On Friday 24 June 2016, share prices in housebuilders fell dramatically as a result of the UK voting to leave the EU the previous day.

Commercial contracts and the impact of Brexit

For contracts expected to continue after Brexit, organisations should consider how Brexit might affect performance, or the costs of performance, of obligations under the contract. The same considerations should also be given to proposed contracts due to come into force after Brexit.

Battle of the forms

Farmers often have terms dictated to them by suppliers and buyers.  Sometimes there is scope to negotiate contract terms, sometimes not.  However what contractual parties cannot do is unilaterally change terms after the contract has been entered into. 

GDPR and Brexit

Brexit may, dependent upon the basis on which the UK leaves the EU, have an impact on cross border transfer of personal data.